The Vortex page is used for management of the Vortex bot, an integrated liquidity management bot in the Hydranet DEX Client. Vortex"s job is to provide liquidity on the Hydranet DEX, using a grid strategy. It will be available to individual users of the DEX, as a means for anyone to support the orderbook with liquidity. In times of low activity on the DEX, Vortex will ensure that there are active limit orders at any given time that other users can fill. When the price changes, Vortex will automatically adjust the grid liquidity to the new price scope.

The Vortex bot also includes an arbitrage bot that will take advantage of arbitrage opportunities and thereby ensure that the trading pair prices on the Hydranet DEX are synced with that of bigger CEX platforms. You can read more about arbitrage trading here

Starting the Vortex bot is simple. Select which market pair you want to provide liquidity to, determine the amount you want to provide, and finally, set the depth curve to a value that suits your risk profile. A lower value increases the risks. The limit orders will be concentrated and placed close to the market prices and can therefore be filled quickly.